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Free shipping! SOLAR THERM. MARK4 200L/3m2 (3pc) triple energy CALPAK

SOLAR THERM. MARK4 200L/3m2 (3pc) triple energy CALPAK



1 319,00 €

Total surface area 3,00 m2
Full plate selective surface
Anodized aluminum single-piece frame
Unbreakable glass

Pot capacity 195.8 lit
Closed circuit
Internally enamelled by DIN4753/3
High density polyurethane insulation

Absorber technology: 0.4mm high-selective TINOX (a > 95% & e < 5%), ultrasonic
Hydroskeleton : Chalkinos
Glass quality: Prismatic solar safety glass 3.2mm (tempered), low-iron and high permeability >91.5%
Collector frame: Anodized double-wall aluminum (pressed) with stone wool insulation
Tank quality: Steel DC-03 2.5mm (din 10130)
Insulation : Ecological polyurethane density 43kg/m3 and thickness 45mm
Anti-s3 protection: Direct enameling in accordance with DIN 4753/3
Alternators: Type jacket made of steel DC-03 1.5mm
Support system: Fully aluminum base.
Connector set: Multilayer tube F20 with ISIROPE insulation and TIMEME racor

Accessories included: TIELME 10 bar heavy duty safety valve, 2.5 bar closed circuit safety valve, anti-corrosion and antifreeze liquid CALPAK Nox (propylene glycol) of DOW
Certifications : Solar-Keymark, SRCC, CE, RoHS (Storage Container Hygiene Certificate)
Warranty 12 twelve years

Delivery in 4-10 business days

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